On Monday, August 19, 2019, a guest lecture was held with the speaker Prof. Peng Tao from Sichuan University which was attended by students from the Chinese arts, skills and culture courses. Prof. Peng Tao, in his discussion of the distinctive traditions of Chinese cuisine, said that the fulfillment of basic human needs with food makes people able to think about other needs. Food is one of the ways for Chinese people to express themselves and is considered as a respect for others. For example, during the Chinese New Year, a lot of food is used at the event.
Prof. Peng Tao also explained that the main ingredients in Chinese cuisine consist of 4 factors, namely material, geography, history, and national traditions and customs. In its development of tradition, Chinese people will gather as a family and eat together. Before eating together, they give food to their ancestors first.They will offer food to their ancestors or deceased parents first.
Prof Peng Tao also explained about the characteristics of Sichuan cuisine, namely technique, seasoning, taste, and adaptation. The spicy taste of food provides a delicious culinary sensation. Indonesian people usually like spicy food, prof. Peng Tao explained that the Chinese people like spicy food, especially in the Sichuan area. Sichuan is famous for its food ingredient called ( málà) which means spicy that makes you numb. Sichuan uses special Sichuan spices to produce a unique spicy sensation in the mouth. Some of the basic ingredients commonly used are green and red Sichuan pepper, black pepper, dried chili, fresh chili, onion, ginger and garlic.

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