On Friday 27 September 2019 at Sasana Budaya Building 2nd Floor, State University of Malang, a (Mandarin Language Dream Contest) competition was held by (Mandarin Language Center, State University of Malang). In this Chinese Dream Contest, each participant is asked to present an artistic performance with a Chinese touch for 1 minute. The purpose of this competition is to hone passion in each individual with the main medium of Mandarin. In the competition, representatives from Brawijaya University won third place, favorite winner, and also potential winner in this competition and as many as 6 students from Brawijaya University received awards for this achievement. This award was given to Erisma Mega Sari, Ahmad Reza Pahlevi, Muhammad Auzora, Nidya Ayu Novarina Dewanti, Reynald Satria Dwiky Irawan, and Gracia Friskilla Manalu.

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