Bincang Ikatan Alumni (BIKA) or The Alumni Association Discussion is a program specifically for Chinese Literature Students to get to know and talk with alumni regarding their activities and professions after graduation. This program is organized by the HRD division of HIMA Chinese Literature Study Program, Brawiijaya University, and is held twice every year.

On Saturday, 28th of May 2022, BIKA Vol 1 was held with the theme BASA-BASI (Bahas Sana-Bahas Sini) and discussed “graduating college, whether you want to continue your master’s degree or work?” with presenters from the Alumni Association of Chinese Literature (IASC) Brawijaya University, namely Asyrofil Hidayah class of 2012 as the first speaker who took his master degree at Sichuan International University (2016-2017) with the Chinese Language as major, then he continued to Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan (2017-2020). Then our second speaker, David Vincesius class 2017 who immediately worked  as a Chinese Tutor.

Participants who attended the BIKA event were students from the 2018-2021 class and Alumni.  Also, don’t forget to Laoshimen and Mr. Nanang Endrayanto as the Chair of the Chinese Literature Study Program who often attend this year’s BIKA event.

The event went well. Both our speakers brought two different views with the same goal.  The conclusion of this event is that there is no final word in learning, there is always something new in learning. Whether you want a master degree or directly working, you still have to apply knowledge and skills in the field.

Directed by: Karina Carolin