The Chinese Literature Study Program, Faculty of Cultural Studies, Brawijaya University, held a “Virtual Job Fair and Sharing Session with Alumni” through the Zoom platform on Tuesday, June 11th 2022. In this activity, the Chinese literature Study Program synergised with seven companies to improve the quality of graduates and alumni, also giving an overview for active students about the world of work.

This activity presents seven companies from various fields of work, namely, Yongchun Chinese Language Center, PT. Zhi Sheng Indonesia (VIVO), Bolong.ID, PT. Smoore Technology Indonesia, PT. Inti Karya Persada Engineering, PT. Flash Express Indonesia and PT. Hisenor Technology Indonesia. In addition, it also invited Moch. Sholeh, Chinese literature alumni of the Brawijaya University 2011, was a speaker in the second session.

Talisa opened the first session of this activity as MC in this activity. The event began with a gifted speech by Mr Sahiruddin, M.A, PhD. As Chair of the Ministry of Language and Literature of FIB UB, Mr Nanang Endrayanto, M.Sc as Chair of the Chinese Literature Study Program FIB UB and Mrs Nadia Setya Swastika, S.S as Chair of the IKA. Then it was continued with the explanation of the seventh glance of the company present at that time. This company overview aims to provide applicants with a clearer picture of the company to be addressed.  After getting an overview of the company, a walk-in interview session was held for applicants with the company through the break-out room that had been provided.

Along with the walk-in interview session, a second session was also held.  Sharing Session with Alumni guided by Dinda as moderator with Moch. Sholeh as a speaker.  In this session, he presented material with the theme “Mastering Mandarin, Expanding Opportunities”.  He explained that mastering Mandarin does not close our opportunities to work in various fields, but there are many opportunities that we can get.  He also tells what is needed and what problems are usually faced by employees when entering the world of work.  The way to become someone who can achieve his goals is to identify, pursue, practice, review and analyse.

He said, when entering the world of work, we must choose between experience and ability.  This is because knowledge can increase the selling value of one’s abilities.  However, having the power will bring someone to be the best, resulting in someone’s selling point. (Dwi Nurul Zahra)