NGOPI (Ngobrol Pintar) is an annual event from one of CE division’s work programs, Student Association of the Chinese Literature Department (Himaprodi Sastra Cina), Brawijaya University. Ngobrol Pintar event has entered its third year of implementation with the theme “Education from a Chinese point of view”. The purpose of holding this NGOPI event is to expand the knowledge of Chinese Literature Department, Faculty of Cultural Science, Brawijaya University students and general public to how Chinese people view education.

          On Saturday, June 18, 2022, NGOPI 1 2022 was held. This activity was carried out via Zoom Meeting. With the presenter Ni Luh Putu Meisya Purnamasari or known as Meisya Lee. Meisya Lee is a Chinese tutor who graduated from Xiamen Huaqiao University. Participants who attended the NGOPI 1 event were 2018th-2021st Chinese Literature active students and general public.

          The event was organized well. The explanation in this material which talked about an education from Chinese perspective gave new insights for the audience. The conclusion that can be drawn from this event is that China has excellent educational management and its population has high discipline and interest in education. So, from these conclusions, it is expected to motivate the audience.