Pelatihan Minat dan Bakat (PMB) is one of the work programs organized by the Interest and Talent division of Himaprodi Chinese Literature or LONGWENXI Faculty of Cultural Studies, Brawijaya University. During online learning, this activity is held twice a year online. The purpose of this activity is to hone the interests and talents of Chinese Literature Students in non-academic (art) fields.

On Tuesday, July 12, 2022, Pelatihan Minat dan Bakat I was held with the theme “Painting and Drawing”. This activity invited a speaker who is an active 2019 student from the Brawijaya University’s Fine Arts Study Program, namely Theodore Matthew. He is one of the students who has experience in painting and drawing.

Participants who attended this event were active students from the 2019-2021 class. And don’t forget to invite the Chair of the Chinese Literature Study Program, Mr. Nanang Endrayanto and also Laoshimen. The enthusiasm of students in this activity was quite lively.

The organization of this event was considered successful and went well, because it could be seen from the large number of participants who attended the event from beginning till the end. In addition, the number of questions asked to the presenters made this event even more lively. The presenters were able to provide explanations very well and could be understood by all participants.

The conclusion from the implementation of Pelatihan Minat dan Bakat I is that students can hone their interests and talents in non-academic fields, especially art. By producing a service and goods, we can also increase income for ourselves. Always hone and develop the talents we have.