Three students from Chinese Literature study programme, Faculty of Cultural Studies Universitas Brawijaya achieved a one year student exchange scholarship program in China. Two of the scholarships were awarded by Chinese Literature cooperation partner PT. SandsGroup Indonesia to Karina Carolin and Kesia Tamara, and one was awarded to Muhammad Rizky Ramadhan by Changzhou Institute of Technology. Following are the past semester activities of scholarship awardees in China:

On Thursday, August 31st, 2023, three Chinese Literature students departed to Changzhou, China, for a student exchange program in Changzhou Institute of Technology(常州工学院)and arrived on Friday, September 1st, 2023.


The students were then taken to the campus to re-register for dormitory room distribution and assigning course schedules. The dormitory was located in 常州工学院,辽河路 (Changzhou Institute of Technology, Liaohe Street). Course activities started on Monday, September 4th, 2023 in 常州工学院,巫山路 (Changzhou Institute of Technology, Wu Shan Street). Campus assigned courses included 语言学概论 (Introduction to Linguistics),写作学 (Writing course),应用写作学 (Practical Writing course),现代汉语 (Modern Chinese),中国文化概论 (Introduction to Chinese Culture),and 网络营销 (Online Marketing course). The students were assigned to a regular class together with the Chinese students.

Before the courses start, a first meeting class was held to inform the exchange students of the guidelines and course schedules, and was given a guidebook containing campus rules. The students were then asked to apply for a resident permit.

The first week was the introduction to the courses, lecturers, and class guidelines. The courses then started the next week. During the duration of the program, students from Universitas Brawijaya got the assistance from the TAs to organize the activities during the semester.


One of the particularities in studying in China was that all the courses have been pre arranged by the campus, such as the course week, off weeks, and final exam weeks. The passing grade for the exam and courses can also be seen from the schedule.

Aside from the courses, there are also other activities arranged by the campus, such as:

  1. Beer Festival

On September 8th, 2023, Dinosaur Park, one of the tourist attractions in Changzhou cooperated with Changzhou Institute of Technology to arrange a Beer Festival that involves the international students to help the booth and livening up the event.


  1. Mooncake Festival

Mooncake Festival is an event held in Global Harbor Mall, Changzhou. The event is an introduction to Chinese culture for the international students, showcasing a Chinese traditional dance performance, singing performance, and a mooncake making class. The international students learned how to make mooncakes, and two Chinese Literature students from Universitas Brawijaya, Karina Carolin and Kesia Tamara attended the class.

  1. Mid Autumn Festival

On September 17th, 2023, the campus arranged a Mid Autumn Festival in 常州东方盐湖城 (Changzhou East Yanghu City). The Mid-Autumn Festival is a particularly significant event and was reported in 常州广播电视台 (Changzhou Broadcasting Station), one of Changzhou’s local TV station. The event was filled with various performances, one of which was a traditional song performance by an international student of Changzhou Institute of Technology. The lead singer was Universitas Brawijaya’s Chinese Literature student, Muhammad Rizky Ramadhan.


  1. Opening Ceremony 2023 for International Student

On September 26, 2023, an Opening Ceremony was held for the international students of the 2023 academic year. The event was an inauguration ceremony, carried out by the Head of Departments and international lecturers. This inauguration ceremony was done by pinning as a proof of students’ identity, represented by 7 students from different countries. The Indonesian students were represented by 2 students from Universitas Brawijaya, Karina Carolin and Muhammad Rizky Ramadhan.


  1. Annual Sport Changzhou Institute of Technology

Annual Sport is a yearly sports event week that was organized by Changzhou Institute of Technology. All of the students were required to participate in the sports event week. The event was held in Stadium One, Changzhou Institute of Technology and includes an opening ceremony and a sports competition which students can partake in.

  1. School of International Exchange, Changzhou Institute of Technology, China’s Reunification Institute of Technology ( 常州工学院国际交流学院,中国转统工芑学堂 )

School of International Exchange, Changzhou Institute of Technology, China’s Reunification Institute of Technology is an introduction to Chinese arts and culture and campus art gallery visitation for the international students in Suzhou Art and Design Technology Institute (苏州工艺美术职业技术学院). This activity is also attended by several other universities in Suzhou, China. The two students representing Universitas Brawijaya are Karina Carolin and Kesia Tamara. They not only learn about Chinese arts, but the students were also invited to participate and watch Ten Musical Water Fountain (东方之门十音乐喷泉) in Suzhou, China.

  1. Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia-Tiongkok (PPIT) Activities    Assembly of Indonesian-Chinese Students (Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia-Tiongkok (PPIT)) Changzhou branch is an assembly of Indonesian students currently learning in China. Karina Carolin is one of the PPIT Changzhou branch management members from Universitas Brawijaya under the Cultural field. PPIT Changzhou also held several activities, namely Welcoming Party which was held in Jiangsu Province Changzhou City Wujin District Lanyue Street Number 9 (江苏省常州市武进区揽月路9号). This event aims to welcome new students in Changzhou using summer picnic as a theme.

The next activity is Sports Together which was held once a month. The sport that was held together was badminton. This activity was held at the Changzhou Olympic Sport Center and Changzhou Institute of Technology Badminton Court. Then the next activity is the 5th Anniversary of PPIT Changzhou. This activity is a birthday event from PPIT Changzhou which will be held on January 13, 2024. This event was filled with performances from Indonesian students and eating together (Indonesian cuisine). And finally, there is the Farewell Party. In July 2024. This event is a farewell for Indonesian students and PPIT will present souvenirs as a memento for Indonesian students who have completed their studies in China.  One of the students from Universitas Brawijaya is a member of the management of the Changzhou branch of PPIT in the cultural division.