Since the cooperation between Universitas Brawijaya Indonesia (hereinafter referred to as UB) and the Confucius Institute Malang (hereinafter referred to as the Confucius Institute in Malang), the two institutions have made a lot of achievements in the teaching of the Chinese language and the dissemination of culture. Since the cooperation between UB and the Confucius Institute Malang the two organizations have made a lot of great achievements in Chinese language teaching and culture.

Picture 1 Lu Taize, a teacher at the Confucius Institute at Malang, teaches Chinese at UB

Since the beginning of the cooperation, the Confucius Institute in Malang has sent many teachers to UB, which has brought a lot of spirit to the teaching and activities of the Chinese Department at UB, and the students have also expressed their interest and love for the Chinese teachers’ arrival. These teachers have also played an important role in the cooperation and coordination between the institutions. At the same time, UB has provided many valuable opportunities for the teachers’ personal development and teaching activities, such as learning Indonesian and practicing school-level cultural activities. This is the key to the long-lasting cooperation between the two institutions. 

Picture 2 Teachers from the Confucius Institute at Malang participate in social activities of the UB Chinese Literature study programme

It is hoped that in the future, the contact and cooperation between UB and Malang Confucius Institute will be even closer, and together we will write new miracles and glories one after another. Let the flower of the Chinese language bloom, and let the future of the two sides blossom all the way.

Editor Lv Taize

Graphic Lv Taize