On Saturday (17/02), Chinese Literature Student Association (Himpunan Mahasiswa Sastra Cina (Longwenxi)) 2024 held an online Temu Alumni, an event to connect with Chinese Literature alumni. This event was modeled as a talk show with the aim to give room for alumni, current students, and the lecturers to express their aspirations and advice regarding Mandarin language learning in the Chinese Literature study program. This year’s Temu Alumni invites 6 alumni from the 2017-2019 academic year as the speakers.


The event started off with a greeting from the Head of the Chinese Literature study program, Galih Edy Nur Widyaningsih, B.Ed., MTCSOL., the chief of Chinese Literature Student Association (Himpunan Mahasiswa Sastra Cina (Longwenxi)) 2024, and the chief executive of the Temu Alumni 2024 event. The main event of Temu Alumni includes a presentation of college and career experiences from the Chinese Literature study program, and also recent achievements. The material presentation was divided into 4 sessions which was filled with each academic year’s alumni representative.


Academic year 2017’s alumni representative’s session speaker was Muhammad Rizal and Muhammad Aozora Isya Al Ghifari as the representative for educators, and the year 2019’s session speaker was Valencia Gaby Widyanto as managerial alumni representative, Gloria Abigail Nathania as educator alumni representative, and Talisa Valenia Handjoyo. Lastly, the 2020’s session speaker was Helmi Khoirunnisa.


The talk show started at 10.00 until 13.05, and it proceeded very smoothly. The participants were very enthusiastic to follow the entire event’s activities, and the material from each speakers was packed in an informative and interesting way, which led to the enthusiasm during the QnA session nearing the end of the event. We hope this year’s Temu Alumni gave way to an increase in knowledge on social relations, experiences, insights concerning future careers, and emotional bond between Chinese Literature study programme’s students and its alumni.