Four Chinese Literature students (Vherenlie Dharma Gunawan, Dina Sutresna Pratama Putri, Jesslyn Dwiputri Herman, and Hanim Ramadhina Widya Seka) obtained a double degree scholarship from Tianjin Foreign Studies University in Tianjin, China. During this scholarship period, the aforementioned students will pursue their education in China for 2 years, starting from September 2023 until June 2025.



When the students arrived in China, they attended a welcoming party arranged by Assembly of Indonesian-Chinese Students (Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia di Tiongkok (PPIT)) in Tianjin. During the scholarship period, they did not merely attend classes, but they also went to a museum in Tianjin that was also a part of their course agenda. Apart from that, they also participated in an ASEAN competition where they sung “甜蜜蜜” (Tian Mimi) in Mandarin and Indonesian, and gave a presentation about 一带一路 (Belt and Road Initiative) between Indonesia and China.



(Camar Aulia Prasetya)