The summer camp program, organized by Changzhou Institute of Technology (CIT), was held online for 2 weeks (August 2nd-13th 2021) through Voov. During this summer camp program,  the students are able to study components of Mandarin language such as reading, writing, listening and speaking. In addition, the students were also introduced to Chinese culture and history through the explanation given by practitioners from CIT. This summer camp program had an important role in deepening students’ knowledge and understanding in Chinese language, culture and history. This program was attended by 42 students from the Chinese Literature from batch 2018 until 2020.

Through Mandarin proficiency, the students are able to choose which one to deepen to between four language proficiency components, to then be followed up with understanding Chinese history and culture. After the students have received the materials given by the CIT practitioner, the students are then given an assignment to be graded. They then were given a discussion forum to talk about their assignments. After the completion of this summer camp program, CIT issued a certificate of completion to the students participating.