Intended Learning Outcomes

Chinese Literature | Faculty of Cultural Studies | Brawijaya University

Intended Learning Outcomes of Chinese Literature Study Program


Number of ILO

LO Category



Practical Skills

CPL-1: Able to identify and apply oral and written communication techniques (Mandarin) equivalent to high level (HSK and HSKK)


Academic Knowledge and Understanding

CPL-3 : Able to analyze and demonstrate aspects of language (linguistics), teaching, literature, culture (history) of China


Managerial Skills and Attitudes

CPL-4 : Being able to apply theory in entrepreneurship and non-entrepreneurial activities in the fields of language, tourism, and business and office


Managerial Skills and Attitudes

CPL-5: Being able to communicate and contribute to international cross-cultural cooperation


Intellectual Skills

CPL-6 : Able to apply logical, critical, systematic, and innovative thinking in the context of the development or implementation of science and technology


Managerial Skills and Attitudes

CPL-7 : Being able to recognize ethical and professional responsibilities in the application of science and technology and its impact on nature and the social environment


Practical Skills

CPL-8 : Demonstrate, maintain and develop quality performance independently or in groups


Intellectual Skills

CPL-9: Able to make decisions appropriately in the context of problem solving in their area of expertise, based on the results of information and data analysis


Managerial Skills and Attitudes

CPL-10 : Being able to be responsible for the achievement of work results and conduct a process of self-evaluation of work groups under his responsibility, and able to manage learning independently