Create the Chinese Language and Culture Association as a forum for informative and progressive student aspirations both inside and outside scope of Chinese Language and Culture.


  • Optimizing all of the existing programs and divisions in a professional manner with socialization and evaluation as a form of control.
  • Instilling a familial attitude both in the internal and external Chinese Language and Culture Student Association.
  • As a medium for Chinese Language and Culture students in self-development through interests and talents.

Introduction of the Anderpati Saeka Praya Cabinet

Swan has the meaning of beauty, compassion, and loyalty.
Tiger symbolizes the spirit of high leadership and self-authority.
Red symbolizes strength, joy, passion and a burning soul.
Yellow symbolizes brightness, a sense of positivity or optimism, intelligence, and happiness.

Astrid Cattleya M. W.
Chief Executive

Valencia Gaby W.
Vice Executive

Dien Nadja S.
General Secretary

Cindy Febriyanti
1st Secretary

Amanda Berlian D.
2nd Secretary

Sela Wulandari
1st Treasurer

Tifani Anggi Mutia S.
2nd Treasurer

Culture and Education

Culture and Education serves to nurture Chinese Language and Culture students to develop achievements in the field of arts-culture and education, especially in the field of literature (Mandarin – Indonesia). In addition, this division is also a forum for Chinese Language and Culture students who are critical and sensitive to the surroundings through routine study activities around lecture issues and others.

Frederica Milenia

Andreas Harold
Vice chairman

Antoinette Ather

Helmi Khoirunnisa

Kartika Ayu

Relation, Information & Communication

RIC has branch fields, namely Relations, Information, and Communication. Relations have an important role to play in building and developing the Chinese Language and Culture Student Association through various means.
From the Information field, providing internal assistance on how to manage information technology and information systems regarding scholarships, lectures and announcements from lecturers, etc. As for Communication, managing reciprocal relationships with the “outside world” and building relationships with related agencies and institutions.

Alya Putri D.

Bernadetha Sekar A. H.
Vice chairman

Mutya Wildan N.

Sayyan Berthaisna

Human Resources Development

Human Resources Development is in charge of developing the individual qualities of each administrator of the Chinese Language and Culture Student Association and also the Chinese Language and Culture students themselves.

Sri Clinton

Rahel Nerissa
Vice chairman

Anita Sekar

Zefanya Dian

Interest and Talent

Interest and Talent is responsible for capturing and preparing for the development of interests and talents of Chinese Language and Culture students, which aims to demonstrate the quality and competitiveness of Brawijaya University Chinese Language and Culture students.

Marieska Kurnia

Xsa Deril
Vice chairman

Theadora Amabel

Mutiara Dwi


Fundraising is in charge of assisting the internal finances of the Chinese Language and Culture Student Association. Fundraising’s task is to build and run various types of businesses that can be used as sources of income and long-term funding for the Student Association

Navalia Ramadhani

Vicka Mey
Vice chairman

Halida Safira

Shafira Ulfa