Services Declaration and Motto, and Services Commitment

Services Declaration of Universitas Brawijaya:

Giving the Best Service to Achieve Service Users’ Satisfaction


Motto of Universitas  Brawijaya :

“Join UB Be The Best”


Motto of Faculty of Cultural Studies :

Serve with RQR “Responsive, Qualified and Responsible”


Services Commitment of Universitas Brawijaya :

Determined to implement an integrated working system to provide the best service in order to actualize Universitas Brawijaya service users’ satisfaction of Excellent Services.


Ethics of the Services:

  1. Start with a smile, a salutation, and a greeting
  2. Tagging identity card (badge) is obligatory
  3. Be polite to UB service users
  4. Never be arrogant to UB service users
  5. It is not justifiable to provide services while smoking or communicating using mobile phone or other communication devices