CNKI Access Guide

Open the EduVPN UB website: It is required to log-in using UB account first to be able to access the EduVPN UB. After logged-in, we will be taken to the homepage as shown below.

Afterwards, download the EduVPN UB application according to the device you are using. The options available are Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux. The EduVPN interface will be shown according to the device in which it was downloaded. 

Install the application in your device. If you are using Windows, make sure that your PC or laptop does not have cookies enabled. To be able to connect to the UB VPN server, you need to manually add the address in the Institution Field column.

Please log-in to the EduVPN UB using the same account that have been used when logging in to the application and the Universitas Brawijaya information system services. After the log-in is successful, click the ‘Approve’ button. If there is an issue such as the e-mail can’t be used to log in, please contact to open a ticket.

After the log-in process is successful, choose a profile, then slide the button on top to start connecting to EduVPN UB. The access via EduVPN UB can be turned off when not in use. The validity period is 30 days and must be extended if expired.

After that, you can access the following link to CNKI: